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A web developer based in Melbourne, Australia.
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I'm a co-founder of Stevent, the unified platform for student clubs and their events. Stevent is a hand made web platform providing a centralised home for events and communities at campuses across Australia. After launching as a startup in 2022, we received support and recognition from RMIT University and RMIT Activator capital funding.

We also have a collection of open source satellite projects. If you're a web developer, check out our projects epoxy, ayecal and totp!

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Design Gallery

A showcase of my design and illustration work for various university communities, discord servers and personal projects. Primarily featuring vector and pixel art pieces.

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Colourful snake with headphones around its 'neck'

Solar and Sundry

A sci-fi webcomic about creating an ecosystem where there shouldn't be one. Follow the crew as they bring about change on the moon of X-54.

New pages release about once per month. Join the discord server to get updates when new pages go live!

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Automatarium is a modern recreation of JFLAP, a dated tool for analysing automata and other theoretical computer science concepts. Automatarium adds a sleek modern user interface, dozens of quality-of-life features and a super easy-to-use testing lab.

Originally created as part of a group capstone project at RMIT, Automatarium is now open-source and accepting contributions.

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Other Projects

A collection of various projects ranging from the start of my career to today. Featuring data visualisations, video games, webcomics, libraries and more.

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